Hi, I'm Mary

Licensed Physical Therapist

I am excited to be able to offer services to the public directly.  My mission is to improve individual and community health through lifestyle changes that reduce suffering from pain and injury.


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What I Specialize In

Pain reduction

Brain Science

Finding Value

Taking Action


The only way to get someplace is to start.

"I had the misfortune of developing costochondritis, a painful inflammation of rib cartilage, right as the pandemic was making doctor’s visits unappealing and dangerous where I live in New York. I was able to see several doctors to confirm my diagnosis, but as my symptoms continued and exponentially worsened, my doctor’s advice was to take ibuprofen, stay home, and wait a few days. Days stretched into weeks with no relief, and I really needed help. I found Mary Doyle, who scheduled weekly zoom meetings with me and developed a holistic approach to my acute into chronic pain. Her zoom sessions helped me to understand the nature of my pain, what specifically was triggering it, how to live with it, and techniques and tools to lower my inflammatory response. She covered diet, physical exercises, symptoms, and mental health. Her help was indispensable to my recovery, and I’d highly recommend her to anyone seeking a caring, whole-self approach to understanding — and getting through — their pain."

-Sue G.

I've spent the better part of my adult life in pain from sports.  Mary taught me how to change my perception of my body-----eating, thinking, relaxing, recovering.

Greg S.

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