Meet Mary Doyle

Licensed Physical Therapist

Certified Instructor of Tai Chi and Qigong

I am a Physical Therapist with over 25 years experience helping people live better with less pain. My years in homecare PT have made me understand the importance of caring for people where they are most comfortable.  My experience in corrections sent me on a journey to understand how the mind and behavior work to create both problems and solutions for individuals.  This knowledge has allowed me to improve lives even in the most stressful living conditions, with little to no equipment necessary. 

Our healthcare system presently addresses people only when they have already become ill or injured, and this has led people to seek care and desire to be "fixed".  I would like to offer a different solution, a partnership where your voice can be heard.  Where your unique story, your beliefs, and your values are the most important part of the equation.  I would like to meet you where you are right now, and move forward with you toward a life with less agony and more meaning.  

As a lifelong athlete in rowing and triathlon, I have had my own experience with  the relentlessness and inconsistencies of chronic pain can bring.  I can show you how to use medical expertise to your advantage in the relief of suffering. You are not alone.