Physical Therapy

Online Physical Therapy is an effective way to help you live with less pain and enjoy your daily activities again. With a comprehensive and interactive evaluation, treatments will be optimized for your circumstances and resources so that you achieve the results you desire.

Physical Therapy Services

Small steps lead to big improvements.

I can work with you to take the steps to address your:

Joint pain

spine pain


difficulty sleeping


general fatigue

generalized pain

neurologic conditions



pre and post surgical care

Its about care, and convenience

Physical Therapy sessions occur in the evenings and on weekends, at your convenience.  You can choose from half hour or hour long sessions. 

As an independent practitioner, I am not limited in sessions by insurance, so you can get the care you think you need for as long as you think you need it. You can set the frequency, so it fits your budget. 

Prices are similar to typical copays, so it won't break your bank.  If your insurance covers out of network providers, you may get reimbursement.